Free My Heart

from by Fereshta



you come to me, in a summer’s kiss and a long embrace
you come to me, with the scent of heaven on your neck
you come to me, like a past life, like a twin flame
come to me, like a soul’s kiss and I hesitate

you come to me, with a lion’s heart and a gentle gaze
you come to me, like a light that sparks a writer’s page
you come to me, without armor, with a warrior’s grace
come to me, like the warmth of home and I can’t resist

can I free my heart?
can I find a way to where you are
can you free your heart?
can we liberate and fall in love

you come to me, like a moth attracted by the flame
you come to me, all heaven-sent with an angel’s face
you come to me, like a sweet mirage on my dyin day
come to me, your heart aglow and I can’t resist


ooh, I’ve been waiting many moons...
I remember, remember that morning,
you were sleepin, I was in your bed
and I knew then, I knew I was fallin,
when I said I could love this man

chorus x2


from Global Citizen, released March 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Fereshta Los Angeles, California

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